Federico Grazzini

It’s the wicked combination of energy, music and great technical skills that distinguish Federico Grazzini from other artists. Deep in the mix, taking house and techno onto a strong funk influenced ride, he is creating dancing space, wherever he travels. Playing peak time makes him most happy, he loves the rush of energy, especially, when putting on his own unreleased tracks. However long the sessions, building up the groove and leading the crowd from early hours to finish is certainly enjoyed too. He definitely loves vinyl, but hasn’t closed the door for digital equipment, as it allows him to raise the quality of his performance. Tenax studio, where Federico finds inspiration and finalizes his tracks is located quite offside, by the Arno river in Florence. It’s now been a couple of years since he’s joined forces with Alex Neri and Marco Baroni (Planet Funk) and has resulted in remarkable production work. His favorite summer venue is without doubt Gala Night in Ibiza, where he remains in tight collaboration with The Zoo Project. In the winter Federico is mostly concentrating on creating his own music and playing in famous clubs, such as Tenax, Sankeys, Watergate and many more. From summer 2009 he is also on stage with Planet Funk.