Giusy Consoli

Giusy Consoli is an eclectic character imposed itself in the clubbing scene of trends between the late nineties and the beginning of the next decade ” after years of endless nights dancing in the street disk as an attraction out of order ,” and after a run in Modena beauty salon.

In 1994 she approached the clubbing environment as an animator and image of the discos Villa delle Rose, local Misano Adriatico, cocorico , echoes close to Riccione in the first half of the ’90s. Back in 1994 Giusy Consoli is considered “one of the most famous characters that drives the hot night clubs in Riccione , Bologna and Reggio Emilia in Italy the whole , the same time that had proved successful actress starring in the film playing the character of Valeria Father and son in Pozzessere Pasquale (1994).

In 1995, inventor , along with his friend Julian Bavutti , of what will become one of the most well-known and discussed teadance Italy: Les Folies de Pigalle in Reggio Emilia.
A few years later embarks with unique susceptibility even musical journey , becoming in fact one of the resident DJ of the event and starting to play as a guest in other clubs of primary importance and estreo barcelona ibiza miami dubai etc. .. ” , and now in June 2010 created his important evening and is the only creator that is called G PARTY FOLIES

Since 2002 he produces music for the label Sound Division , Diva Records , folies record.