Hito is a Berlin-based electronic music artist and vinyl DJ with a unique style and aesthetic. Full of colour and character, she was born and raised in Himeji, Japan, and is loved for her sophisticated record collection, her deep techno style, and her incredible ability to entertain crowds with charm and energy.

After moving to the German capital in 1999, she developed her passion for minimal and emotional music pressed on vinyl. Hito connected with electronic music icon Richie Hawtin and became a resident and integral part of his ENTER. experience at Space Ibiza from 2012, the island’s most forward-thinking party concept.

Hito took full ownership of the ENTER.Sake Bar at the outdoor Space terrace with epic sets – sometimes playing all-night long to an incredulous response. The room was modelled on a Japanese Sake Bar and her performances, both in sound and vision, added huge authenticity to the concept, performing in formal dress with a beautiful range of kimonos.

Hito has now evolved into a unique artist of her own right, in-demand around the world for the touch of class she delivers. Her contribution to the Minus release “ENTER.IBIZA 2013” combined with a series of live streams from Ibiza on the Resident Advisor / ENTER. channel resulted in this fascination in her career.

People don’t just like Hito – they LOVE Hito. She recently completed a tour of North American Soho House’s with Hawtin to present the ENTER.Sake concept and she has become an unofficial ambassador for Japan. Her background has seen her strive to share her culture, defining a palette of sounds which she relates to the five senses that have coloured and shaped her life.