Thomas Muller


I grew up in the 9th district of Paris in Pigalle. There I got in touch early with the dazzling nightlife scene around my neighborhood. But let us start in the beginning…

In the 1996s I listened to a lot of Hip Hop. Especially the New York stuff like Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest and stuff like that as well as OutKast. In 1997 when I was just fifteen the Prodigy album „Fat of the Land“ with their hit „Smack My Bitch Up“ was released. I listened to it three years later…like to almost everything. There are many albums I discovered which came out just a little bit too early for me.

„Consumed“ Plastikman changed my mind. Since then I listened to every single piece of electronic music. Pole 1,2,3, Alexander Kowalski, Squarepusher, Josh Wink, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier and many more. There is a big mess of artist names on my Myspace site that influenced me. Still, I have kept the “Sense of Silence Concept” from Plastikman for many years in my deck.

I think my deepest influences come from the period of 1999 to 2004. Like Mr. Oizo’s “Analog Worms Attack” in 1999.

In the summer of 2001 I experience my first club scene shock. I started using programs like Propellerhead and Ableton 2 and the Korg er1 drum machine. This was the second big change in my mind. In 2002 I decided to go to Ibiza with some friends and I discovered the happy punch techno of Carl Cox and the worldwide hugest smoke machine. During the same time I started to listen to Drum’n Bass music. Mainly to Roni Size. I like Dum’n Bass because it mixes my taste of HipHop together with Techno. I still listen to it from time to time.

Finally in 2003 I decided to seriously produce music. I started off with two close friends of mine: Okain and Paul Ritch. In 2005/2006 I became a sound engineer and on the 30th June of 2006 we were at the legendary “dimuschi” party in Paris. Live with my friends Okain and Paul Ritch.

In May 2007 I moved to Berlin. Ich bin ein Berliner. From there on it was only a short time till the 18th of February 2008 when I became an official BPitch Control artist with signing my exclusive contract and releasing my first EP „Ride On“. Now I am on the road!!!