Carlo Ruetz

It was a breakthrough by name, and by nature. By 2013, Carlo Ruetz had been playing twisted technoid minimal for a decade, but it was his debut longplayer of that year ­ Breakthrough ­ that launched him into the spotlight. Within 24 hours of its release the album crashed into the top spot of Beatport’s minimal techno chart, and it remained in pole position for weeks. It also caught the discerning ear of Richie Hawtin. Since that unmissable moment, Carlo has only gathered more and more momentum; acclaimed EPs for MINUS, DEEPERFECT and KD MUSIC, alongside memorable performances at international Minus showcases and Richie Hawtin’s essential Ibiza night ENTER. Unique in sound and in situation, Carlo Ruetz is the ‘overnight sensation’ born of ten years in the trenches of the underground.

Rostock­bred Carlo became fascinated by the sound of music at an early age. In his youth he was often the last person on the dancefloor in the early hours, and in 2001 he bought his first turntables and mixer, built a small studio in his parents’ attic, and recorded his first set to tape. His devotion to the minimalist aesthetic was forged in these early sets, and continues it continues to be his calling card. Carlo adopted a DJ alias ­ “Jason Wawn” ­ and soon became a regular fixture of clubs and open air parties in northern Germany. With his horizons broadening further, and after stepping out from behind the mask to embrace his real name, Carlo Ruetz went on to blaze the stage at ENTER. Ibiza at Space, FUSE Brussels, TOFFLER Rotterdam, 10 DAYS OFF ­ The Last Waltz Ghent, and a 2015 tour through India.

Carlo began writing his own compositions in 2010, inspired by artists like Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Daniel Steinberg and Magda, and the following year he made a successful debut with I’m Fucking Famous. Handmade EP through Alfred Heinrichs and his homebase­label Supdub followed, with further releases for Moonplay Records and Slaap Records, before the game­changing arrival of Breakthrough through Supdub Digitales in March 2013.

Carlo Ruetz is Known for starting from scratch with every production, mining deep for unexpected sounds and arrangements, and taking compelling bends and turns while in the DJ booth. It’s no surprise that Richie Hawtin counts Carlo Ruetz as part of the new Minus generation. With forthcoming heat lined up with future releases, and more clubs and festivals switching on to the distinctive Carlo Ruetz sound, expect to hear more from this overnight veteran who exists at the leading edge of minimalism and techno.